Sam Driessen, Singer/Songwriter

Delivering the comfort of connection among words and music is the craft that Sam Driessen furnishes. From inception, his songs are reciprocations of dreams, past, friends, and strangers – many times infused. Once the singer-songwriter is struck by the sincerity of these findings, it is only a matter of seconds before lead meets paper. The next week, guitar and vocals hit the mic; weaved together bearing a Country-Rock resonance. “Before I go on stage, I like to sit with the audience and get an idea of the atmosphere. Then, I grab the mood and transfer it to my set”, Driessen stated.

Writing and performing since 1995, Driessen has come across many personal influences that have given him direction on how to create positive heed in a room of judgment. Such influences have empowered him to perform in a highly entertaining dynamic light; creatively power-driven yet perceptive to the moment. If you were to combine a few of his influences such as Keith Urban’s acoustic instrumentals and lyrics and Gavin DeGraw’s vocal range, you would encounter a piece of Driessen’s puzzle. Seven was the age that Driessen began playing guitar; his father’s Gretsch. “It found me, not the other way around”, he mentions with a laugh. By thirteen, he took on lead vocals and guitar in his first band, “Spectrum”.

Performing solo in bars such as Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Krapil’s Steakhouse and Patio, Whiskey Acres, town festivals, “Bands of America” instrumental projects, college radio and television, Driessen made a prevailing discovery; people are not only liking the music, their asking for more. When Driessen’s first music video made the St. Charles Daily Herald, he became that much more committed. After playing the circuit with several bands, a solo venture followed. By 2003, Driessen decided to begin a new chapter of his own management and studio production. First up was his EP titled “Peripheral”; representing a fusion of his new and old sounds and the awareness of surrounding people and places. In 2015, he recorded his first full band EP (Nebulous) at Azmyth Studios in Indianapolis.

Having the chance to perform before others is a blessing Driessen loves to share whenever possible. Motivated by writing tomorrow’s stories that soon enough will be today’s memories is what keeps him in the driver’s seat for life. The stories continue…

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